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Artefakt Live presented by TRIII

Hours and date:
Saturday 03.02.2018 at 11:00 PM
Drugstore Bulevar Despota Stefana 115, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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After their Big Bang with Boston 168 announced for December 9, DJ collective TRIII is cooking more excitement at Drugstore for February 2018.


Big Room:
Artefakt Live
(Delsin Records, Prologue Booking, Field Records / Berlin)
Boža Podunavac - TRIII
DJ Dusan Kacarevic - TRIII
Mirko Lazarevic - TRIII

Black Room:
RAR (Music Reactions)
Betomeng (Music Reactions)


TRIII collective is bringing another big duo to Belgrade! This time their guests are Nick Lapien and Robin Koek better known as ARTEFAKT.

ARTEFAKT is a result of great synergy between two Dutch producers currently residing in Berlin. Nick and Robin have established a great following all over the world after their releases on labels like Field Records, Delsin, Konstrukt and Prologue. Their first longplayer “Kinship” was released this year on Delsin. Because of their ability to use space and time in music in a unique way, Artefakt easily spellbind you with 10+ minute long hits such as ‘Entering the City’ or ‘The Final Theory’. Their live setup is a real treat for those who come to the party to admire the power of various digital and analogue gear.

Both Nick and Robin have thriving careers when apart. Lapien has visited old Drugstore in lower Kalemegdan in 2014 and party still echoes in memories of dreamy ravers. When the strong influence of the Westcoast sound of Holland scene and labels like Bunker and Crème Organisation is mixed with their shared love for ambient and what they call ‘voodoo techno’ the result is a unique take on techno genre that is beyond charming.

Joining their perspectives in a meticulous, hands-on working method, the two bring a balanced and hypnotizing sound to the club, crystallizing in the mind and oscillating the body. What sets Artefakt apart is combination of musical material, atmosphere and groove, captivating your spirit, whether you are listening quietly on headphones, or you hear the music pounding in club.

True to their distinct mesmerising aesthetic, their music is full of suspenseful strings combined with sweeping pads and ominous tones. Artefakt represents techno rooted in aesthetics of decayed tape, musique concrete and squatting partys.
Resonances of machine thinking.


If in desperate need of acid sounds do not miss Boston 168 LIVE presented by TRIII at Drugstore on December 9.


TRIII official website | http://www.triii.rs/
TRIIIxcloud | https://www.mixcloud.com/TRIII/
TRIIInstagram | https://www.instagram.com/triii_rs/
TRIIItter | https://twitter.com/TRIII_rs

Artefakt Live presented by TRIII
Sat 03/02Drugstore


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