Drugstore NYE 2019

Hours and date:
Monday 31.12.2018 at 11:00 PM
Drugstore Bulevar Despota Stefana 115, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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Every December 31 Drugstore opens all of its rooms. Led by a colourful selection of local producers, DJs and promoters whose performances and nights marked 2018, this year's guests are: Phase Fatale, JASSS, Red Light Radio boys, Max Abysmal and DJ Soulseek, and Mai Nestor.

Phase Fatale (Ostgut Ton / BITE, DE)
JASSS (iDeal Recordings / Mannequin, DE)
33.10.3402 (L.I.E.S.)

Red Light Radio ROOM
CAWD SLAYDAZ | Max Abysmal & DJ Soulseek
Mai Nestor
Lule Kompleks

Matej Rusmir


New York-born and Berlin-based Berghain/Khidi resident, Phase Fatale, is in charge of the presents in the Big Room. With releases on Ostgut Ton and Jealous God, techno innovator started a carrer that has lead him to his own label BITE and collaboration with Silent Servant. His selections show a definite interest in harsher side of techno with occasional bursts of color provided by vocal infused industrial or classics with gentle melodies, thus making these sets full of surprises.

Spanish DJ, producer and resident at Berlin’s Säule, JASSS, writes a different kind of future with her bladerunneresque sets where tuareg ethno, electro, synth pop, smashing contemporary beats and sounds of a cracking dinosaur egg take about the same amount of space. She debuted with an EP on Mannequin in 2016. One more followed in the same year for Anunnaki Cartel, and another one for Mannequin a year later. Her album „Weightless“, released last year on iDEAL Recordings, is a collection of deadly beats and jazz flirts with avant-garde sound design. This year JASSS released a split with DMT on Mosaique.

Drugstore's resident DJ, 33.10.3402 of L.I.E.S, ESP Institute and Second Circle fame and Sub Rosa's SAUD take you in and out of the night.


Amsterdam’s cabinet of music cudiosities, Red Light Radio, takes over the Black Room for the entire night. DJ Soulseek & Max Abysmal, whom you’ve had the chance to hear in the Black Room earlier this year as CAWD SLAYDAZ, are going to be there with the who’s-been-good-and-who’s-been-bad list from Santa himself.

Mai Nestor, participant of Red Bull Music Academy 2010 and a member of band Facit, joins us in RLR Room. Born in Hanoi and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nestor explored experimental electronics and horror-movie soundtracks in her youth, influencing her own atmospheric music. She made her DJ debut on LA radio station dublab in 2010. Rich vocal and musical arrangements work their way into her DJ-ing style, too — nomadic collages for dancing in the darkness.

Belgrade's Lule of Kompleks joins the fuss in great fashion with his eclectic jingle blends for happy feet.


Matej Rusmir and Andria in the Chambers as Insolence. Two of Belgrade’s youngest DJs and producers have had a successful year supporting numerous acts and releasing praised material.

Drugstore NYE 2019
Mon 31/12Drugstore


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