Setaoc Mass, Yan Cook Live

Hours and date:
Friday 14.12.2018 at 11:00 PM
Drugstore Bulevar Despota Stefana 115, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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“Hold it high, because those who carry the torch, carry the future in their hands.”
- Wayne Hale

Setaoc Mass (Figure, Sk_eleven ) - One of the most talented techno producers of his generation. In the past 7 years he’s had 16 releases, with 6 of them on his own label “Sk_eleven” hiding some very unique tracks. Every and each one of his releases is on point, making an impact on the scene. Beginning of the year was marked by his and Cleric’s mutual effort - album “Isolate”, on Clergy of course. As a DJ and producer, Setaoc Mass is part of a select cut of young artists who are absorbing techno’s legacy and carrying the torch into tomorrow.

Yan Cook/Live/ (Delsin, Soma, Planet Rhythm) - Born in Ukraine by the name of Yan Pylypchuk his constant growth and progress on electronic music scene in the past 7 years is being confirmed by releases on eminent labels like “Soma”, “ARTS”, “Delsin” and “Planet Rhythm”, among many others. “Cooked”, his own label was established in 2017 and has 3 releases, for now exclusively from Mr. Cook. He’s debut performance in Belgrade is going to be nothing short of powerful Live act.

This December in Drugstore looks promising with two debuts, one of them being live act. Prepare yourself, it’s time to REACT! 

Filip Xavi | Rèdacs | Wagner

Setaoc Mass, Yan Cook Live
Fri 14/12Drugstore


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