Interview w/ Boryana

Hi! First of all, thank you for your time!
Your EP Quiet Riot just got out last month and it got great reviews. What inspired those tracks? Tell us more about the creative process.

That’s true , “Quiet Riot” is a super fresh EP, which I’m really proud of and I was so happy to see the great feedback and support from big artists, as well as how quickly entered the techno charts. My creative process is simple – if I don’t have an inspiration I just don’t start a project, otherwise I can spend hours in vain. I never do anything in a rush just because it has to be done. Better spend hours in the studio and create something that I would be really in love with rather than release something I’m not quite sure about it. This EP came out really colorful , banging with a real slinky sound. I can’t say the process was fast but I’m happy with the result.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is your forth release of Black Octopus? How did you start collaborating?

Correct! I really love the label and I’ve always wanted to release on it. It happened that I met label boss Sian in a club during WMC in Miami couple of years ago and I just went straight to him, saying that I’d be really happy if he had a chance to hear my productions. Later on I sent some promos, which he liked and that’s how we started out collaborating.

You were a model before you started your music carrier. Are you still modelling or did you give that up completely so you could commit to music? Was it hard for you to leave the fashion business?

Well, modelling was never something I was so passionate about. Therefore I don’t think I’ll miss it so much. In the fashion industry I am just a product, who is told what to do and who to be. I do love that I have this possibility to express my feelings through the music and especially to influence people with it. That feeling is irreplaceable!

When and how did you realise that techno music is something that you want to do in life?

I never thought or dream of becoming a Dj. It just happened naturally. From professional party goer my interest towards electronic music was growing more and more. Every time I was attending a party my place was in front, next or somewhere near the dj booth. That feeling was so strong that it made my go deeper into the Dj World.

Do you have any kind of musical background?

I don’t have any professional musical background but I’ve always been surrounded by music since little age. My dad is musician so I was regularly attending concerts and many music events. This somehow influenced my interest towards music.

Can you remember your first techno experience as a party guest? How was it?

Yes, I remember a long time ago I went to this party in Bulgaria listening to a local Dj playing, and I was extremely impressed by the music which at that time I was not so familiar with, but it was so good that I didn’t want to leave the club until the end. What is the favourite party or festival you played so far? It’s always hard to name a certain party where I entertained the most. But probably, going through my recent ones, the one I had so much fun at is Cacao Beach, Bulgaria. Not only because it’s on the coast and makes the atmosphere more vibrant but also because the energy I got from the people was incredible.

You live and work in Miami, USA. Can you compare techno parties there and in Europe, especially Eastern Europe?

I love playing in the States but I definitely prefer the European vibe. It looks like USA is still overwhelmed by the mainstream pop music. The US music scene is clearly breaking new grounds with EDM at the moment. Of course there are many great places in America where you can enjoy real underground places but personally my best gigs and parties are in Europe. I didn’t play much in Eastern Europe apart from Bulgaria and Macedonia but I know the people are really aware and passionate about the electronic music.

Your debut release 5 th Dimension was remixed by Citizen Kain. How did that collaboration happen?

I know Bruno since a long time. He was regularly playing in Bulgaria and that’s how we got to know each other. Bruno supported me a lot since the beginning of my Dj career which I really appreciate, because at that time it was hard for me to make myself stand out. Therefore I was happy he accepted to remix my debut release. Our other collaboration “Mania” is also a very special one for me as it is dedicated on the club where we met each other and where I made my first steps in my Dj career.

This is the first time you’ll be doing a show in Belgrade with Citizen Kain, the first famous DJ you had a gig with. What can we expect from you two?

Yes it’s my first show in Belgrade and that’s why I’m even more impatient about it. I really admire Citizen Kain, he is an amazing artist and you can always expect a banging party with him!

It is going to be an exciting party, people are pretty pumped… What do you have to say to them?

Just tie your shoes very good 🙂