Interview w/ Clara Cuvé


How did it all start for you? How does electronic music, techno, pull your trigger?

– I got influenced by friends who were older than me, when I was like 14 years old,  as they could attend every party,  I also tried to get in the club with my child ID card, sometimes it worked. At this age I was very impressed and  curious about the music scene, so I started to deal with the music a lot, buyed records. I also  secretly started to work at a night club as a minor when I was 16, just to attend the party’s, listening and experiencing the music.

How did u realize electronic music is your “cup of tea” and not in some other genre?

– I am also very into other genres and listen to them privately, but for partying, dancing, producing and djing there’s no better feeling than hard and rough techno. It’s a unique, indescribable vibe, which catched me immediately and never lost its intensity. No kind of music is more powerful and emotional to me.

What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe? What possessed you to start collecting records and DJ?

– I randomly started djing, just for myself and I randomly got some gigs then. I love playing alone at home hour for hour feeling the music but there’s nothing comparable playing in a club sharing your feelings, the music and the vibe with so many people feeling the same.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

– The night when I had my first gig on a festival in Southern Germany, it was an indescribable feeling and a great party. And I also had uncountable great nights with my friends in Berlin, each one is special in their own way.

What is your opinion regarding the difference between old school DJing where everything was restricted to vinyl and modern DJing where most tracks are never put on any physical medium before or after release?

–  I also started djing just with vinyl and I like it a lot until today, it’s an other feeling. But it’s also great that we have other technical possibilities, which makes it easier for every artist to express and find his own kind of djing. And vinyl is very up to date currently, that’s great, also to support the artists who put a lot of work into their records.

Underground-does it have meaning for you, do you think underground still exists, how would you describe underground?

– Underground for me is the opposite to mainstream and there’s a huge underground scene in the music industry and lot of great talented artists doing their own thing, not just trying to reach the commercial. But at the moment it is almost a trend to join the underground scene. But it’s great the underground scene is getting bigger and bigger, I have the feeling, there are more people who are really dealing with the music every day and who are more sophisticated in musical terms.

How do u see yourself in future? Do you see yourself as a dj or famous producer or maybe, both?

– I started producing before djing when I was 15 and will release something soon, when the time is right for me. So definitely both!

Are you preparing yourself for October performance in Belgrade? Do you have a message for those who will dance in the crowd?

– I am always preparing myself concerning the event or specific club/city, but actually it always gets spontaneous about the vibe and crowd in the club. It is gonna be a great night, with a lot of powerful and fast techno music and I am so looking forward to dance and share this night with amazing people at my first gig in Belgrade.