Interview w/ Federico Amoroso

Could you tell us how a regular day in the studio looks and feels like for you and how do you approach the entire music making process?

– There isn’t a a typical day for me in the studio, it mostly depends on my mood, and i am not that guy sitting in the studio all day, but when I do, I choose to go and stay there at night. Most of time I spend in the studio I’m trying out new machines, getting inspired by new possibilities, brain-storming, gaining experience and stuff!

First experience with electronic music, and how you got into Techno?

– I’ve been listening to techno music since my childhood and the experiences from my past are undeniable, and as I started to go to techno music clubs I released my passion for making music and to work as a Dj!

When and why did you start playing?

– My first experience as a Dj was at big party in Milano, at that time I realized that the emotion that I give to the people was enormous, so that was the moment that I decided to continue my work as a Dj and also as a producer. Music can change life’s and gives you energy to find future talents.

Do you get nervous before a performance? If so, how do you deal with it?

– I’m really quiet and relaxed at events I play at, it”s all about human feelings, I enjoy seeing people having fun and dancing to my Music all night long at techno party’s!

What inspires you as a producer, where do you get your ideas from?

– As a passionate Dj and producer I inspire my listeners with sounds both reduced and rough, balanced by emotional and surprising moments throughout my sets.

Artists you wish to collaborate with?

– I really collaborate with many artists from Techno music. For example, my label Skarn Division’s involvement project with Zosima and Codex Empire.

What can people expect from your set at Friday of October 27th in Belgrade?

– There are no words for this night……. Whoever comes can judge for themselves!