Interview w/ Switchdance

This is your first gig in Serbia, do you have any insights into our scene?

Yes! I´m really excited for this opportunity and I’m actually following the Belgrade scene closer and I think it’s in a very good way. 4 years ago i started listening to Vladimir Ivkovic, then Tapan, Kristijan Molnar when he invited me to record a set for his Christallization radio show and recently I met Tijana T in Lisbon when she had a gig at Lux.

Try to bring the Lisbon electronic scene closer to our readers, are they collaborating with each other? Is it open to innovation?

The Lisbon electronic scene is very exciting and dynamic. The scene absorbs a huge amount of influences from all over, including former African colonies, Brazil, India, the UK, the US, Germany and so on and reshapes them through our own cultural lens. A lot of what comes from this is innovative and interesting. In terms of collaboration you see a lot of it, like hip hop crews making records with kuduro guys, or the cross pollination of bass heads with the techno kids, among many others. It’s a pretty cool scene to be a part of.

What’s it like being an artist in Portugal, do you get any support from the country?

It’s not easy being an artist in Portugal. At least a musician. We don’t really get much support from the government and the state has become very difficult to deal with when you are trying to promote events or parties. You have to have a lot of different licences which end up being quite expensive, they are also very strict about noise laws and closing hours and so on.

Except for your production work and DJing, we couldn’t help but notice your role in the club Lux Fragil. How did you start cooperating and how does it influence your career?

7 years ago i joined the team of resident DJs at Lux Frágil. I was frequently asked to suggest new artists that i was interested in. After a while i was given a bi-monthly evening to host where i was given the freedom to invite new musicians that i could identify with. It’s great to play with people whose music i enjoy. We usually end up becoming friends and exchanging ideas, new tracks and so on.

Is there an act you would love to host in Lux Fragil?

There are many, but that´s a secret to be revealed in the future 🙂

Your favourite music labels?

Karakter Records, Innervisions, Malka Tuti, Disco Halal, Border Community, Magazine, Correspondant, etc.

Band you always come back to? Also, is there such a band from Portugal?

Radiohead and Depeche Mode. Portuguese band, maybe a synthpop band from the 80´s called Heróis do Mar.

The last favourite album?

Dollkraut – Holy Ghost People

Favourite producer in the last 3 years

Red Axes

Travel playlist?

I always have a playlist with the music i bought over the past 30 days so i can listen to it and get to know it properly.

Where would you take us to in your hometown?

Downtown Lisbon and the surrounding 7 hills. The beach and Sintra town.

If it’s summertime, it’s the perfect time to drink beer and eat snails! Sounds strange i know, but it´s amazing!

You will stay in Serbia for 10 days, is there anything that you know you will check out?

Generally when i travel, what i like to do the most is to try the local food and drink. Then i like to get to know the cities, maybe check out a museum or exhibition, i also like to go further out away from the capital cities and get to know smaller villages and get closer to nature. In terms of my stay this time, i hope the weather conditions will be favourable and maybe i will try and get to travel to the interior of Serbia.

Do you like soup? If so, which one is your favourite?

Sure! Mom´s soup is the best