Interview w/ Charles Fenckler

First of all, thank you for your time!

So, there’s a saying in Serbia that each one of us is a king of one’s own time. Are you a king of yours?

Thanks to you for having me ! Ahaha, did not know this saying but I like it. I’m mostly king of my time when I get to organize my days as I wish during the week. However, every thursday I receive my itineraries for the weekend gigs and I have to follow what’s written in it. Like, take this train at this time, then go there, then call him, then go to the restaurant ahah. I’m like a tourist following a digital guide.

I have the honor to interview people who are similar age to me and with so many stories to tell already. How do you feel about your age and your place in the world at this moment? How do you handle all that internet fame?

Ahah not sure to have an internet fame or a fame at all so I’m not really thinking of it. But talking about my age, it is true that many people think I’m way older than 24 and are often surprised when we meet for the first time as I think they would meet a 40 year old guy ahah. I’m very lucky to be able to live out of my music when I’m still young so I’m really trying to enjoy every moments and to party as much as I can, what often means I have to reschedule my return flights/trains as I go to bed a bit too late.

I think that the richest creative thinking usually comes from sadness. What was the reason you started making music, except love and desire to create something new?

Mhhh that’s a good question. Before my 18 I was playing football at a professional level and also had the chance to play for the under 17 French team. But I hurt myself during a game and I had to quit football so maybe that’s the reason why I needed to find another way to express myself. I went to school from 18 to 20 but I got fired as I missed too many classes on fridays, so happy I’m not regretting it now.

How did your career change when you became part of Soma records?

I believe Soma Records gave me the legitimity I needed to pursue my career in a proper way. Before I got to sign on Soma I was kind of just a random guy among many others so they offered me the possibility to be visible, not to mention they sent my tracks to thousands of international Djs who played them and enabled me to be seen as a trustworthy producer. I think it was also important for my self confidence and even more when they asked me to release my debut album on the label. When you are a young producer it can be hard sometimes to feel like your music deserves to be played along with so many other producers.

I read somewhere that you sent your track to about 50 labels. If it’s not a secret, what were those labels? How do you choose to whom you will send your music?

To be honest I cannot remember which were the labels I sent my music to, they were too much ahah. But I guess I was aiming both the biggest and the smallest as it was like sending a bottle in the ocean. I was mainly curious about what people would think of my music but I really did not think I would get answers and even less from Soma Records which is one of my favorite label ever.

When was the last time you traveled for pleasure and not for gigs?

I think the last time I traveled for pleasure was last summer when I went to Spain. My parents bought a boat close to Barcelona so they’re spending lots of time on it and I’m trying to enjoy it too whenever I can. I know it’s important to disconnect from the techno circuit but as I’m regularly touring on weekends so I barely have time to do so. This is why I’m seeing my friends every weeks between Monday and Friday so I can relax ahah and enjoy a few pints.

What are the reasons for accepting some gigs and refusing others?

To be honest, I have never refused a gig myself unless I was already booked or not available. My manager and booking agent are dealing with the promoters and the request and I don’t really know how they do it ahah. Most of the time they confirm a gig without telling me and then I see it on the calendar. The good thing is they know me very well so I never had any problem so far.

You probably meet a lot of people on regular basis? Do you have many friends? How do you choose your company?

Yes I meet people every weekend and that’s one of the reason I wanted to make music so as to travel. Most of the time people working in this industry are doing it for passion so it’s always a pleasure to meet promoters, their friends, other artists and people coming to the show. Unfortunately we don’t have time to get to know each other better as I usually have to go back home the day after but it happens that we stay in touch on Facebook or Instagram. Regarding my close friends, I know most of them for many years as I still live in my hometown Le Mans. But yeah I feel like I have many good friends and maybe too much as they’re always making me go out a bit too much ahah.

Who was your biggest inspiration for starting a career in electronic music? Who influenced you most?

A friend of mine introduced me to electronic music with the Ed Banger crew when I was around 15 which then led me to the origins of house and techno with Detroit, Chicago, Berlin etc. But one of my biggest inspiration is Shed who has like 7 or 8 different alias. I love everything he makes !

Is your BMP of choice the one that fits beats of the heart, or something faster? Something much faster? 🙂

I started with a BPM of 128-130 but I’m now making music around 135-136  as I like it when it’s hard and a bit ravy ahaha. I guess it depends on how I feel 🙂

Why ‘Future of 1993’, besides this being your birth year?

Ahah this is from a tee-shirt I like to wear. I think I just liked the sentence you know, which basically serves me as future will come from 1993 which is my birth year as you mentioned it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I never know how to answer this question but I hope I will still be making music and touring. I do love what I’m doing at the moment, feel so lucky about it and cross my fingers hoping this will continue for at least five years even though I expect it to be more. I don’t really have a plan B so I would basically be fucked if it stops ahah.

How were you imagining this period of your life five years ago? What were your dreams? Did any of them come true?

What I can say is I could not imagine I would have this life 5 years ago. You know I was wondering what to do with my life as my football career had to stop. I started Djing like 6 years ago but I’m only making music for around 3 years now so I could not imagine I would get to this point. Back then I was more focusing on my friends, my girlfriend and this kind of youngsters issues.

Could you describe your creative process of making a track? Do you have some special rituals, something that always gets you in the right mood for making music?

I don’t feel like I have special rituals or processes. It mostly depends on how I feel, if I partied the day before or if I’m in good shape. But I’m basically making music everyday and go with the flow as they say.