Interview w/ 999999999

Thank you so much for your time, we are hoping that you are excited as we are.

So, for the begging, what’s your background story, how did you get into techno?

It was a gradual process, since we were teenagers we were fascinated by the electronic music and we started playing as dj’s in our hometown. Year by year we developed our own sound and we found in techno our best expression.

There are comparisons between Detroit and Turin electronic music and culture wise, what do you think about that? What are the similarities, and what are the differences?

We’re actually from Venice. But yes, Italy is one of the countries with great history and culture and any kind of arts, including music. On the other side nowadays we found Italy doesn’t give too much possibilities to many artists.

Process of creating is one of the most important processes for the artist. How do you know when a track is done?

We’re working hard until we think it sounds as we like. Sometimes we have different point of views and ideas about the arrangement and mixing of the tracks but that’s the good thing when you work as a duo, to find a good balance.

What was the trigger for you to make your own label, and release tracks exclusively on that label?

We felt there was no chance to be discovered without creating our own label. We needed to be free to do whatever we like with no boundaries as it happens when you send a demo for any label.

Why did you choose acid as your trade mark, or was the acid the one that chose you?

I think both things are true. We are in love with acid since we are into the electronic music.

“Love 4 rave” – Do you think that the real meaning of “rave” is lost in today’s world, in a way that “underground” is too, or not?

No, while we were playing in the last year we saw so many great underground venues all over the world with many real ravers, dancing from the start till the end of the party. And that’s why we thought of that title.

You would be lost without which item in your life?

Of course our acid machines. Just for example, this summer we took some days off before touring again, but even if we were resting we decided to bring them with us and jamming in the mountains with them.

You’re well known by performing live, on analogue machines. Does it happen that something goes wrong during a show, and how do you handle that kind of situations?

Yes, it happened, that’s the risk you take when you decide to play live. Some machines stopped working in the middle of the live, but we are always prepared with alternative plans in order to give the best performance.

What is art for you?

Art for us means to find your expression to do what you like developing your own skills.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why?

We’d like to be immortal maybe, just to be able to produce and play our music forever. 🙂

Thank you, and see you soon in Belgrade! 🙂

Thank you, looking forward to play in Belgrade!