Ivan Wagner

Interview w/ 999999999

“After silence, that comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.” -A. Huxley Thank you so much for your time, we are hoping that you are excited as we are. So, for the begging, what’s your background story, how did you get into techno? It was a gradual process, since we were teenagers we were Interview w/ 999999999

Interview w/ Raär

Hey Vital, hope you’re doing good. We want to know You a bit better before your debut in Belgrade. 🙂 Let’s break the ice… Who are You, how would You describe yourself? Who is Vital and who is Raär? Hey! I’m a young DJ / Producer, Raär & Vital are the same person I’m shy Interview w/ Raär

Interview w/ Under Black Helmet

Hello Julius, it’s good to have the chance to ask you a few questions.  So, for the beginning…why Under Black Helmet, can you tell us that? To be Under Black Helmet is to be under a ‘barrier’ which prevents you from seeing the outside world for what it really is. It’s a metaphor to remind Interview w/ Under Black Helmet

Interview w/ Emmanuel

First off all, thank you for your time! – Thank you guys. Looking forward to come over there. Can you tell us something more about ARTS label, how was it founded, momentum in which the label is now and some future plans? – The ARTS label was founded in 2013, it was based on my Interview w/ Emmanuel

Interview w/ Anetha

First of all, thank you for your time!    – Thanks to you 🙂    For the beginning, can you share with us some insights of your creative process and what triggers your inspiration?   – Hum, that is a though question to begin with… I think I do not have a clear and unique Interview w/ Anetha

Interview w/ Dork (Technokunst)

When did you start DJing and what do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career? – I started to play music in 1996.The same year I organized with my colleagues the first underground electronic music festival on more stages – the Frankhegy party – where the great venue was dedicated Interview w/ Dork (Technokunst)

Interview w/ RAR

What represents your DJ nickname – RAR ? How would you describe yourself as a DJ? – There’s not too much mystery behind that pseudonym which was given to me by my friend Ivan Wagner. hahaha ☺ RAR is an acronym of my name. Hi, I’m Rajko Ristanović. I know you’re a passionate record collector. Interview w/ RAR

Interview w/ Charles Fenckler

First of all, thank you for your time! So, there’s a saying in Serbia that each one of us is a king of one’s own time. Are you a king of yours? Thanks to you for having me ! Ahaha, did not know this saying but I like it. I’m mostly king of my time Interview w/ Charles Fenckler

Interview w/ Switchdance

This is your first gig in Serbia, do you have any insights into our scene? Yes! I´m really excited for this opportunity and I’m actually following the Belgrade scene closer and I think it’s in a very good way. 4 years ago i started listening to Vladimir Ivkovic, then Tapan, Kristijan Molnar when he invited Interview w/ Switchdance

Interview w/ Lag

The past few years have been really outstanding for you, with reputable releases & amazing tracks. Could you tell us how a regular day in the studio looks and feels like for you and how do you approach the entire music making process? – It really depends, from track to track. For example with the Interview w/ Lag